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From: "Carol Simpson" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Where do I start with data imported from Generations?
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 13:28:09 -0900
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Welcome Elizabeth! We are glad to have you. You will find, over time, that
we are like a large extended family; we at times have our squabbles but we
get over it and stick together through it all. The "family bond" of
genealogy and loving TMG outweighs our differences. <g>

I did a great deal of research when first looking for a genealogy program in
1997 and therefore have never used any other program! So I can't give
specific advice about imports. However, I will be quite surprised if anyone
disagrees with me that the place to start is the sources. For one thing,
the number is not totally overwhelming, so it might be a nice thing to start
with. but the biggest reason is that any undocumented fact has not much
use. I dare say that everyone who uses TMG has as one of their reasons the
great sourcing - the ability to document everything, including hunches and
suppositions. Sources are, I think, the most important part of any
genealogy project. And once you work your way through those, you will have
a better understanding of how the program works, how TMG documents and keeps
track of things, and how the tags interact with the sources. You are likely
to feel better equipped to tackle other areas after that.

Another side note - there IS no "TMG way" to do censuses. I suspect that
there are very few of us on this listserv that do it in just the same way.
THAT is the beauty of TMG - you can literally keep track of things any way
you like. TMG makes certain assumptions about how you are likely to enter
things, but you can do change any of that for a single tag or for all tags
of that type. I would, after sources, do the name tags and breaking up the
Notes tags. Save censuses and research notes for later, as there are amny
ways to do both of these and you are likely to change your mind several
times as you work on other tags and continue to read discussions here.

Best wishes to you as you sort things out and tackle this project!
Carol Simpson
Homer, AK

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From: "Elizabeth Churchett" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2002 1:16 PM
Subject: [TMG] Where do I start with data imported from Generations?

> Hello everyone,
> I would like to first say how relieved I am to have discovered this
> mailing list; the tone of the discussions is very pleasant and
> courteous, and the information is--well, helpful doesn't begin to
> describe it.
> I have been doing genealogy nearly a year now, and until 5.04 came out I
> was using the most recent edition of Generations. I have now imported
> all my data directly into TMG and need to start cleaning it up to take
> advantage of the capabilities of TMG. However, I am at a bit of a loss
> as to know where to begin--I don't know enough to prioritize my to-do
> list. I have poked around on Lee Hoffman's site and TMG Tips, checked
> out the most recent month's worth of archives, etc., but I haven't yet
> come across a list of actions to take to get my imported data truly into
> TMG format.
> For instance, my sources should be cleaned up and properly presented (I
> have already set up most of the respositories on the Master Repository
> List). Name variations should be entered. All the information in my
> Notes fields in Generations need to be broken up so that the information
> can be put into TMG tags--residences, stories, military history
> information; to-do items need to be removed from the custom Research
> Notes field I had made and moved into the Research log. All my census
> data needs to be entered the TMG way--head of household as principal and
> all others as witnesses. Tags need to be set, and custom ones that I
> want created. Nearly everything needs to be reworded so that the
> sentences come out properly. And so on and so forth. My picklist
> currently has 1,285 people, and I have documented 267 sources.
> I have seen that there are many of you who imported data from other
> programs. Any help you can give re prioritizing in this situation, I
> would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Elizabeth Churchett
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