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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Where do I start with data imported from Generations?
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 18:00:52 -0500
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Elizabeth Churchett wrote:

> I have been doing genealogy nearly a year now, and until 5.04 came out
> I was using the most recent edition of Generations. I have now
> imported all my data directly into TMG and need to start cleaning it
> up to take advantage of the capabilities of TMG. However, I am at a
> bit of a loss as to know where to begin--I don't know enough to
> prioritize my to-do list. I have poked around on Lee Hoffman's site
> and TMG Tips, checked out the most recent month's worth of archives,
> etc., but I haven't yet come across a list of actions to take to get
> my imported data truly into TMG format.

Welcome, Elizabeth!

There is probably no "best" way to do a cleanup after import. But high
on my list would be to go to the Master Place List and fix any problems
you see -- inconsistent spellings or abbreviations, places not put in
the "right" levels, etc. You want to do this before you start editing
Tags because it will save you editing the places individually in each
tag -- changing them in the Master Place List fixes all tags using that

Sources you can do anytime -- now and get it done with or later.

I prefer to clean up everything on one person at a time, rather than
trying to do one type of fix at a time for everybody. If you do this,
I'd suggest creating a "Cleaned" Flag with values of N, Y. Then you can
go through each person in what ever sequence strikes you, and mark each
person "cleaned" by changing the flag to Y. (Some of us take a long time
- I've still got 5200 to go after almost 4 years <g>) It helps if you
set the first Accent to be a very ugly color for Cleaned = N -- that way
you can't see the accents you want until you clean up the people you are
looking at.

You might find some of the articles on my website helpful, especially
the series on "basics" to help with understanding the way TMG works.
There are also some ideas on creating and using custom tags and source
types, and how to deal with some common issues. It's at

Terry Reigel

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