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Subject: Re: [TMG] Where do I start with data imported from Generations?
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 18:19:06 EST

Elizabeth Churchett wrote:

> I have been doing genealogy nearly a year now, and until 5.04 came out
> I was using the most recent edition of Generations. I have now
> imported all my data directly into TMG and need to start cleaning it
> up to take advantage of the capabilities of TMG. However, I am at a
> bit of a loss as to know where to begin--I don't know enough to
> prioritize my to-do list. I have poked around on Lee Hoffman's site
> and TMG Tips, checked out the most recent month's worth of archives,
> etc., but I haven't yet come across a list of actions to take to get
> my imported data truly into TMG format.

Welcome to the list!

1). My suggestion would be to clean up the Master Place List first- this will
save working on that part of the individual tags later

2). Get you Master Source List done ( with repositories).

3). Think about how you want some of your sentences to read, for example- do
you wat the birth sentence to read "XXXX was born DD MMM YYYY"" or do you
want "XXXX, son of FATHER and MOTHER, was born DD MMM YYYY". Change the
default sentence on those tags wou KNOW you will want to always read a
certain way.

This will get things ready for doing teh cleanup on each individual

4) Do cleanup on each individual ( set a flag to keep track of those you have

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