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From: "Steve Alvarez" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Confused: Custom/Mills source
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 08:30:28 -0600
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That's the part which is not explained very well in the help section. What
I did was set my "Source Category " to custom. Then I went to the
"Tools>Source Types" A box popped up and asked me which default I wanted to
us "Mills or Lackey" I selected "Mills", in that same box is a button to
"Initialize". Mine you I have looked in "Source Type" before and that box
never showed up, until I changed to Custom Source Category.

The down side is I had been doing a slow clean up on my sources. (I can only
work on my genealogy a few hours a week) I set-up all my marriages, and
tombstones using "Mills". When I did the switch, even though they were set
up for "Mills" before the change, it changed everything to "Book Authored"
as a source type. So now I have to go back and fix everything again.

For myself, I am wondering why there is a "Initialize" button in the section
where you select the source type. The radio buttons are, Add, Edit, Delete,
Primary, Copy, Intialize.

I don't know why they put a radio button for "Initialize" there.

If I have already Initialized, then you would think the button would not be
needed again. So it must be there for future use. But, the question is
"When would I use it again?".

How do you "initialize to Mills source types?



Subject: Re: [TMG] Confused: Custom/Mills source

I have looked at the help section and it just added to my confusion on
sources. I am using "Mills" but I want to create a custom Source in the
Source Category of Mills.

At 10:53 AM 26/11/2002, Jim Byram wrote:
You didn't say which TMG version you are using. In any event,
You want to:
1) Set source categories to Custom.
2) Initialize to Mills source types.
3) Stick with this.
Now you can add custom source types to the set of default Mills source


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