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From: "Doreen & Peter Neilley" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Tag Sentence Structure
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:13:18 -0700
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Dear James,
I have been looking at this off and on since it arrived, and I need to ask
you to clarify your reply, please.

JPC: The problem is that (as far as I know) TMG won't recognize nested
conditional statements (i.e. you can't put one inside another).

You stated with:

[PP] cause of death <was|and [PO] were> listed as <[M1]><,which he suffered
from for [M2]>. The cause was registered <[D]> <[L]>. <[M3]>

I have read this and studied it and I don't understand what you are
referring to when you say "nested conditional statements". Please, which
part is "nesed' and why? I can't see anything where I have put a conditional
statement inside another conditional statement, but sometimes one can look
at something so much that they don't see it any more! The only thing I can
see that I think you might be referring to is the *<,which he suffered from
for [M2]>*, and if it is that, then I don't understand why it is a problem.
After all, if you can put commas in a conditional variable, why won't it
accept other characters?

I need to figure this out so I don't do it in the future.

Doreen Neilley - it's 10oC here today (central Alberta) - we're going to pay
for this next year!

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