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From: "Arnt Stavne" <>
Subject: [TMG] 5.04: Error when adding a person
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 18:06:56 +0100

I was going to add a son tha a person in a test project I have. After I had
entered Given and surname I pressed the OK button.

After acepting that I had no source I got this message:

Variable 'LC1N' is not found. 622 FRMADDPERSON.MSAVE

with options Abort, Retry, Ignore.

When I choose Abort the Add person window is still open, pressing Ok one
more time I get the message:

The specified ID number is already in use. You can use F2 to search unused

I then see that the person has been assigned number 30155, I press cancel.
The number is the one I expected this person to get.

There is no son connected to the person, and if I look in the project
explorer, there is no persons with this Id in the active dataset.

I try once more to add the son to the person and this time I get the
following message before I can enter any data:


with options Abort, Retry, Ignore.

I had run Validate File Integity before I tried to add the person.

When I run it after the error I get: Validation complete. 1 potential
problems fixed.

I have to close TMG and open it again to be able to get the add person
window again.

If I try to add a person the same way in another project I have no problem.
So the problem is connected to the actual project, but my problem is that
the Validate File Integity didn't report any problems.

Arnt Stavne

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