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Subject: [TMG] Re V5.04 images
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 20:31:13 EST


I seem to be unable to make the thumb images appear in the charts. If I
change the name of the Fam file, i.e., make it unavailable, the thumb does
get marked primary with star but does not print on charts, no picture prints.
Can you make it (the thumb) print on a chart? If I make the family file
available, the bigger edition does print on chart.

Am I correct that I cannot check other reports because not yet able to output
to MSWord or equivalent?

I have not tried the SS with newfound info about disabling the fam file, and
since I have reduced the number of images (using only one of a given name) in
the EL.

Any further ideas?

PS. Please forgive improperly marked parts of this msg. (missing the>>>
in front of old part of message), but I subscribe to Digest form and have to
do cut and paste to repeat the previous messages.
Peggy had said:

Many thanks, Richard. In reading what you tried I realized my error: I had
listed in the EL, each of the images, that is listed gent and also gent
Thumb. With removing the double listing and Also renaming the primary family
file, it DOES force the program to pick up the thumb version - most of the
time. When doing an anc or dec chart it does not seem to be consistent - but
that may be some of my settings. Will continue to check each file and each
person in data. But the * for primary does shift as you noted with change of
family file name.

Tis a rather convoluted scheme to get the thumbnails into a chart but does
seem to work -- sort of. Am now also fussing about the sizes of many other
pictures suitable for CD production trying to lure grandkids into family
history. I have attached all pictures and documents to the individual rather
than to tags - simplicity being my aim.
Again thanks for your time and expertise


Hi Peggy,

I created a folder C:\genexhibits\family and C:\genexhibits\thumbs.
I added flag.jpg to family as a color image.
I added flag.jpg to thumbs after making it 1/4 dimensions and
Using Sample, John Alexander (17), I added flag.jpg from family to
Exhibit Log (EL) as primary.
Using Windows Explorer, I changed family to ;family
I set Preferences to C:\genexhibits\thumbs.
I opened Exhibit Log and the grayscale image was shown and it was
I removed the semicolon from ;family and opened EL again. The image
was color and primary.

I have toggled back and forth by adding or removing the semicolon from
family and it does not matter whether the image file is from family or
thumbs, it is still primary.

I hope that something above will help you find out what we are doing
differently. I do not understand why a primary image from one folder
is replaced with the same file name from a second folder and not
marked primary. I am missing something, somewhere.

Richard Brogger

> Richard: That was a great idea but am afraid it didn't work. I changed
> of the "family" files as you suggested but neither the chart nor the image
> window picked up the thumb version. If I mark a thumb as "primary" it does
> get used. If you have further ideas to try tomorrow I would appreciate
> hearing.
> Peggy
> From: Richard Brogger <>
> Hi Peggy,
> You do not mention changing the family file name so I hope that is the
> problem. TMG5 will always look first in the folder from which the
> files were added. If the files are not found in that folder, TMG will
> look in the folder listed in Preferences. Since the "family" folder
> still exists, you will get that image. If the normal folder is renamed
> "remfamily", or whatever you like, then TMG will look in the folder
> listed in Preferences because it can't find the folder "family".
> The fact that "thumbs", "family 1", and "family 2" are sub folders
> within the "genexhibits" might cause a problem but as best I can
> recall, it shouldn't. Normally, I would just test the method but I am
> having mouse problems. The darn rodent gives me double clicks
> sometimes and no clicks other times and when I drag an image file, it
> drops it along the way. I'll have a new mouse tomorrow and can test
> then if you have trouble.
> Richard Brogger

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