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From: Bill Schofield <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Price of TMG (was: ...embarrassed...)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 07:00:53 -0500
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Why does it have to be MS. You have 64 bit AIX + Unix systems out now.

I doubt if any of us has a database that needs to be run on a 64 bit OS.

What I really want is a web based version of TMG. I could run TMG on my
machine at home, and have my family connect to it from wherever. We
would all be able to query it and update it simultaneously.

My 2 cents worth.


- Probably not high on Bob's list of enhancements, due to the limited
number of people who would want this feature, and the fact that I'd have
to keep my machine running 24 * 7.

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Subject: Re: [TMG] Price of TMG (was: ...embarrassed...)

In a message dated 12/23/02 6:59:45 PM Central Standard Time,

> wrote:
> >
> > Maybe, just maybe, once we have a completed 5.0 on CD, the answer to
> > "upgrades" should be:
> >
> > "Except for future releases which fix problems in the present
> there
> > will be NO further additions made to the feature set of TMG 5.0.
> >
> > WG will be beginning LONG TERM development of a 64 bit version to be

> released
> > as TMG 6.0. WG will also NOT engage in discussion of what features
> or
> > will not be in the 64-bit version.
> >
> Why is a 64 bit program needed or what advantage accrues to the
> user? When is a 64 bit OS expected from MS?
> > At some point in time user comments will be asked for but until that
> we
> > ask everyone to concentrate on using 5.0 and helping us find every
bug in
> the
> > program. Thank you".
> >
> What does not suggesting perceived improvements as they are thought of
> do?
> The major changes made in Ver 4 after the initial release were caused
> events outside of the TMG family, ie the dropping of development and
> support for UFT.
> bob gillis

I have no idea as to exactly when MS will issue a 64 bit OS - I only
that sooner or later they will and that I don't want to have to wait as
for a 64 bit version of TMG as we've had to wait for a 32 bit version
no, that is NOT a slam at Bob or WG- just a statement of fact that it
been a lengthly development period). The advantages probably won't make
a lot
of difference to some categories of software but databases will
least from what I've read.

As to suggesting perceived improvements-to me it would be counter
to engage if it were known that they would NOT be implemented in 5.0 and
it may be years before they appear in 6.0. I should also note that since
discussions would be on going over a period of time it might be better
they were held on another list which would leave this list clear for 5.0
previous versions. Note that I didn't say the users couldn't discuss
only that WG wouldn't engage in the discussions.

One of my gripes about software in general is that a version is rarely
long enough for a user to get really proficient using it before they are

urged to upgrade to a newer version. Freezing 5.0 except for bug fixes
letting people know that it may be years before a 64 bit version is
would break this cycle and let people feel secure that they will have
time to
fully learn the program before they have to switch again and that
knowing the
programmers were spending their time fixing ALL bugs found just might
more buyers. It would also offer others more incentive to write utility
programs for TMG 5.0.

I'm certain that once 5.0 is completed it will be head and shoulders
the competition and that there will be no pressing marketing pressure to

"keep up" with other programs by offering ever more options.

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