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From: "Darrell A. Martin" <>
Subject: [TMG] GenBridge TMG 5 to TMG 4
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 14:47:01 -0600
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At 11:00 AM 12/25/02 -0500, Lee Hoffman wrote:
>Vernor Harris wrote:
>>I have often wondered why we can't be given the option to use GenBridge
>>to convert from V.5 to V.4. It can be used on completely different
>>programs. Could it be that Wholly Genes feels that it might discourage
>>V.5 Sales? If that is the reason I can accept that. If it is not why
>>can't we have the capability?
>This would require an upgrade to v4.0D and Wholly Genes has stated that
>there will not be any further development of v4.
>Lee Hoffman/KY

Hi, Lee:

I'm not sure I follow the logic that GenBridge TMG5-->TMG4 would require an
upgrade to TMG 4.0d. The purpose of GenBridge is to translate between
incompatible data formats, and the target format is always taken as a
"given". As I understand it, the hard part of defining a GenBridge "pair"
is *always* making decisions about what to do with certain types of data in
the source that do not have exact equivalents in the target's format,
and/or offering the user options in that regard. GenBridge certainly can
deal with data formats that are a LOT more different than TMG5 and TMG4! So
I can't see how there would be a technical barrier to a 5-->4 GenBridge
that targeted the 4.0d data definition.

However, as much as I'd like to have a 5-->4 GenBridge available, if I were
Bob V. I wouldn't give the idea a second thought. The only reason for such
a capability would be to allow users to hedge their bets on committing to
v.5, and the psychological damage in the marketplace and the user community
would have to be significant if such a "retreat" were formally provided
for. And that doesn't even take into account the developer time that would
have to be stolen from v.5 itself....


Darrell Allen MARTIN
a native Vermonter currently in exile in Addison, Illinois

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