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From: Robert Heiling <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Sources, totally confused with 5.04
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 09:21:59 -0800
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> In a message dated 12/26/2002 11:19:47 PM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
> > Maybe this list is not the place to try to
> > learn this part of the program, which does seem important.
> >
> This is exactly the place, and give Rootsweb. time, on busy days it takes a
> while for a post to make it to the list. Sometime weeks. ;)
> Teresa

Forgive me for butting in here, but I just joined this mailing list for the
very reason of this Subject Header and haven't seen the previous posts.

I have a scanned image of a Civil War widow's pension document. A Master Source
of "Doe, Jane - Widow's Pension Record" has been created and will be cited in
several places because it contains the name of her husband and his death date.

I would like to insert this scanned image into that Master Source with the
Repository of "This Database" (because that's where it is desired to be
stored). It should be an *internal* image and not a pointer to an image in some
folder on my HD.

I've been bouncing all over the place from- edit Master Source List - to
citations- to Exhibit log, for days and looking at Help etc and can't figure
out how to do this. Help!!!


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