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From: Robert Heiling <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Sources, totally confused with 5.04
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 20:17:38 -0800
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Lee Hoffman wrote:

> Robert Heiling wrote:
> > > he is referring to functionality in TMG, and in TMG, you
> > > cannot attach a Repository to an Exhibit, but you can attach an Exhibit
> > to a
> > > Repository and you can attach a Repository to a Source.
> >
> >That "Exhibit" terminology is confusing matters. I have that "Widow's
> >Pension Record" image as a _Source_ in the Master Source List and have
> >the Repository for it as "This Database".
> No, you have the pension record as a source document.

Isn't that what I just said above? I even _underlined_ that point!

> In your computer and
> specifically in TMG, it is an Exhibit attached to a TMG Source record.

It's an *image* of the Source record in this case. What ever programming
details that may be necessary to accomplish that should be hidden from the

> A
> TMG Source record cannot be an image file -- there simply is no provision
> for this. A TMG Source record is a textual description of a document and
> in some (possibly all) cases where it may be found (e.g., the
> Repository. There may be more than one Repository to a TMG Source
> record. Normally the primary Repository should be the one having the
> original document.

I mentioned my various repositories in another post to this thread.

> Now if you have an scanned image file of that document, you can import it
> to TMG as an Exhibit attached to one person, one event (tag), one Source
> record, or one Repository. This, so far is descriptive of either an
> Internal or External Exhibit. But if the Exhibit is External, it may be
> attached to multiple persons, events (tags), Sources, and/or
> Repositories. In other words, an Internal Exhibit may only be attached to
> one record

Why does that limitation exist?

> although one could import the image multiple times if desired.

as above.

> Lee Hoffman/KY <snip>


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