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From: "John Farmer" <>
Subject: [TMG] Precise dates of things like dying
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 23:06:04 -0500

I was thinking of a quote by Wittgenstein which runs something like "That which I do not know, thereof I should not speak." draw the discussion in a different direction, instead of saying he died after 1674 (when he signed his will, for example), but we could mean he did die in 1674 after he signed his will, if I understand the discussion, which I do not claim to do, why not say, THE LAST RECORDED EVENT IN X'S LIFE WAS THE SIGNING OF HIS WILL ON ______. Or, the last historical record we have for Mrs. X is her signature on a court record dated -----. We will not mislead the reader who may be wondering at what precise instant did someone die 300 years ago. We will be asking him to assume that the person died sometime after the last recorded event. But we do not need to make an estimate of this missing information. I assume the program can deal with deleted death events of all sorts.
John Farmer
Blue Ridge Summit, PA

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