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From: "Caroline Gurney" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] 5.04 Future request timelines again
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 13:11:57 -0000
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Bob Velke wrote:

> Teresa said:
> > I know we mentioned this last week, but I am reiterating it since
> > tonight I could really use the feature in 5.04. I would like the
> > ability to lock a timeline to a person like we could do in 4.0.
> > I am creating a timeline of available deeds for Campbell county and only
> > want it to go for the duration that this one ancestor was there (less
> > than 20 years), so I don't want to use it for anyone but him. I really
> > wish we could have this option back again.
> It is implemented in the List of People report that will be available in
> the next release.


I thought what Teresa was asking for was the ability to lock timelines to
individuals in the Person View as in 4.0d. Your response about the LOP
report has me confused since, in 4.0d, the LOP would have no impact on the
PV. If there is some exciting great change in the use of the LOP coming up
in 5.05 then tell me to shut up & be patient & I will. But if it is possible
to clarify without letting the cat out of the bag, could you please do so?

Caroline Gurney
Portsmouth, UK

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