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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Copyright question
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 09:32:46 -0500
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Jon, if you are taking snippets of information from a book and entering
it into your TMGW data set, then you are not in violation even if the
book were still copyrighted.

Even if you were to quote say a paragraph from a book, then you are not
in violation, as long as you cited the book.

A more complete scenario would help to guide you better.

IMHO, bob gillis

> Under the present copyright laws, the copyright for a book published after 1
> Jan. 1978 exires 70 years *after* the author's death. If one knows that a
> book is affected by this rule, should one note the author's death date so the
> copyright expiration is made clear?
> Jon Raymond
> St. Paul Park, MN
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