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From: "beth" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Place Prepositions: A strategy?
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 14:54:33 -0500
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> Subject: RE: [TMG] Place Prepositions: A strategy?
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> > If WG goes this route, and I'm not recommending it, more than one
> > preposition field would need to be added; to be totally
> flexible, there
> > would need to be one for each place field, and I would not want the
> > program to automatically fill in any that are left blank.
> >
> Can you give me an example of the need for multiple
> prepositions?

yes, i.e.

[PG] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[D]>< at the [DETAIL]>< in [CITY]>

the place fields would contain all the information I know of the event,
such as state and country. If the state has not previously been referred
to for the subjects, I'd want it to read;

[PG] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[D]>< at the [DETAIL]>< in [CITY]><,

likewise, if the country is "new" too, then I *may* want;

[PG] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[D]>< at the [DETAIL]>< in [CITY]><,

Situations such as the above vary person-by-person for me, not

> I see the
> need for a preposition in front of the whole place name. It
> could be "at 123
> Main St, Anytown, Homestate, USA" or "in Anytown, Homestate,
> USA". (at being
> used for specific locations and in for more general
> locations.) If the user
> specifies a preposition, it also would be also placed in front of the
> location like: "near Chuchname, Anytown, Homestate, USA" or "north of
> Anytown, Homestate, USA". I see no other prepositions. Do you
> want "at 123
> Main St, in Anytown, Homestate, USA" or do you want something
> other than "in
> Homestate, USA".
> > > What I think would be a better improvement (and might even
> > > help with your
> > > request) would be a form of automatic short place replacement
> > > for later
> > > references to a place already named, maybe even reducing
> consecutive
> > > occurrences to "there".
> >
> > An automatic Short Place replacement is a good option for
> some, and I
> > would support it's addition, but it would not help me; I
> enter shortened
> > versions of places for reports where space is an issue, but
> they would
> > not be appropriate in my narrative reports.
> >
> It might be possible to have multiple templates to shorten
> the place. The
> main issue would be that it would be nice to be able to have
> one template
> for most places, and how you shorten a place would need to
> depend on the
> highest detail.

that is why I suggested the following...

> > To me, the ideal solution is to leave the current Place Style
> > functionality as is, but treat it as a default style for the place
> > record, unless over-ridden locally (in the tag) with a
> floating place
> > style...that way, everyone can have what they want.
> >
> > beth
> >
> The one issue I se with local/global styles for a place is the user
> interface. It is nice to be able to change the global style
> for a place at
> the tag level, especially for a newly entered place, but how
> is TMG to know
> if you want the change global or local. It might make more
> sense for a place
> style to define multiple templates, and to allow you to chose
> which template
> you want for this tag.

I'm not sure that there is much of a hurdle with regards to the UI. You
can already open up the MPL from the tag by placing the cursor in one of
the place fields and hitting F2, so if you want to change the global
(default) style from within a tag, you can. There would need to be an
additional button, or something, that let me open up a list of all the
place styles I've created so I can over-ride the default locally. How
the program designers handle whether or not and which over-ride style
has been chosen is, no offence to Bob & company, their problem, not mine

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