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From: "James P. Colgate" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] 5.06: first name only for witnesses
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 20:58:24 -0400
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Comments below . . . .

From: "Victoria"

> Paul and Glee
> I tried both variations, and no matter which one I used RF or RG, I always
> get the full name in the witness output. Either variation always gives the
> given (first) name in the primary roll.
> I guess the fault lies in the sentence construction I use for HoF:
> [:CR:][RF:Head of Family] was listed as the head of a family, <[M1],> on
> the 1870 Census <at [L],> <enumerated on [D]>. <[M2].><[WO] were listed
> with him on the census.><So was [RF:household member], his wife.>
> and for witnesses: [RF:household member2], age 20, was listed as a
> household member living with [R:Head of Family] on the 1870 Census <at
> <enumerated on [D]>. <[M0].>
> I don't know how to make the [WO] use only the first name.
> Victoria

Hi Victoria,

I'm sure others with more know-how can address the first name issue. Name
styles are an option as well, but I'm unfamiliar with this as I'm still in

But I will make a suggestion about your principal sentence structure. In
addition to [R:Head of Family], you might consider adding 1 more role which
can be assigned to a principal, something like [R:H of Family One Wit].
That way you can have a standard sentence structure to accommodate
households with only one child, using this conditional in your sentence
structure (note that WERE is now WAS):

<[WO] was listed with him on the census.>

Just a thought, though.


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