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Subject: [TMG] Source Export from TMG
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 16:41:48 EDT

Well, the experts seem pretty sure that as a newcomer I'm wrong to question
TMG. And that one should not ask a complex programme such as TMG to carry out
the routine tasks one has taken for granted in Legacy and Generations. Fine.
Or is it?
It may well be that pocket PC is superior, but it is also more expensive here
in the UK. I happen to have a Palm and use software GEDSTAR to convert the
TMG file without going via GEDCOM.
My point is that this conversion for Palm (of selected fields only) can only
happen if the source date or file number required, is consistently in the
same field across all source types, and if that field is a default field in a
default source type. That is why I did not add a (custom) file-number field
to the civil marriage source record type.
Similarly the TAG on the Text field seems to indicate to the user that it is
for comments. And therefore is not a field that merits selecting for export
to Palm.
I too believed that other TMG users did not use the source note field for the
transcription of the source, but I have been assured otherwise by
Whollygenes. There are some of us who enter genealogy sources the way I do.
It is in fact an economical method of data entry, since a census
transcription is added only once, as a source, and that source record linked
to all those present.
I sometimes also carry on my Palm a text document, a Source report generated
by my software, with full details of all my sources — another feature lacking
in TMG, where the three available output styles are designed for published
work, rather than for research trips.
And by the way, Caroline knows I admire her UK templates. But I changed my
sources back to the TMG default templates during my trial period of using TMG
for my research. I did not want any problems such as this one with the Palm,
to be attributed to my using UK source templates from another author.
If the message from the list is that TMG users should use pocket PC. It is
good to know. And I have been recommended to try Family Historian too before
making up my mind. There should be far more crossing of boundaries between
software packages. And informed discussion of their relative strengths and
Evelyn Wilcock, London
genealogy web site at

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