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From: "Caroline Gurney" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Place list / Detail
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 01:53:43 +0100
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Rod Neep wrote:

> Nope... Sorry. I cannot bring myself to put the wrong data *type* into
> a field in a database. Renaming a field doesn't alter its basic *usage*
> within the fixed parameters of a program. Reports are designed around
> what the program expects to be in the field.


I'm afraid you are still missing the conceptual point. That is not a
criticism. TMG is so different from other genealogy programs that sometimes
it takes a while for the penny to drop.

With the exception of [L9] Lat Long (of which more later) there is no
difference in database or reporting terms between any of these location
fields. TMG does *not* expect a particular data type in one field and a
different data type in another field. It expects an element of a place name
in each field and it couldn't care less what that element is. These fields
do not have a different "usage within the fixed parameters of the program"
as you put it. They all have the same usage.

Please forget what you know about other databases and genealogy programs -
we are trying to tell you how TMG actually works. Please also try to forget
the labels. Think of the fields as place name element number one [L1], place
name element number two [L2] and so on. It is *entirely* up to you how you
put these together to create a place name.

As for reports, as I have just said in my response to Victor Adams:

On the Places tab of the Report Options screen you can choose which of the
location fields [L1] to [L10] to include. You can also choose to use a Place
Style. In setting up your Place Styles you decide which fields you want to
print and put these in an Output Template for that particular place style.
Not only can you select which location fields to use but also put them in
any order you like, with hard coded text between them if you choose.

Rod, I suspect that once you start actually looking at reports you will have
a light-bulb moment :-)

> Worse still....
> LatLong, for example (correct me if I am wrong) is not even a normal
> text field. It *expects* a certain data type and format.

It is only "not a normal text field" if you select File > Preferences >
Prompts > Validate LAT/LONG value. Otherwise, it can be used exactly like
all the other location fields

> In databases, people fall into a similar trap when they enter dates into
> a text field and then expect them to sort properly.

But these are all the *same* type of field, as explained above. Please
believe me.

> >As I tried to explain in my response to you last night, there really is
> >such thing as a "standard" field. There are 10 location slots which *you*
> >the user can define and use as you like.
> >TMG gives those fields default
> >labels because they have to be called something but the labels are only
> >that, labels.
> I do see what you mean, but then the MPL will be a total mess.
> Furthermore, searching and filtering would be a mess too.

No it won't, not if you use them consistently, eg I always use [L10] Temple
for the Chapman County Code. And I have just posted in response to Darrell
how I keep Cranborne in the [L3] field whilst using it in 3 different ways -
as parish, manor and village. My MPL is both tidy and consistent and, if we
had the List of Places report available, I would print it out to show you. I
am able to search and filter with no problems.
> For example "find me everyone who has any event in Nottingham"
> "Nottingham" is in the City field.... right?
> No... not if City has been "moved" to L4 in a style, and the data
> entered into L4.

You obviously haven't tried to use the Filters yet. You don't have to use
the default TMG labels for the location fields to filter. You can filter on
Place Detail 1, 2, 3 etc. So, as long as you have consistently put
Nottingham in L4, the Filter "Any Event > Place Detail 4 > Contains >
Nottingham" will pick up all events in Nottingham.

> That's why I dislike the idea of putting the wrong data type into the
> wrong field.

As explained above, in TMG 5, with the deliberate flexibility over use of
Place Styles which Bob Velke has built in, there is no such thing as a wrong
data type or a wrong field as far as places are concerned.

Caroline Gurney

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