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Subject: [TMG] Source export from TMG
Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 04:55:52 EDT

I have taken up Caroline's kind offer to help me off line. But for the record
on this list, and following Caroline's report to the list that she had found
it was not possible to filter source records by Custom source types, I had
come across this issue. It was one reason I assumed that default source types and
source fields behaved differently to custom ones in TMG. Or that I had made
an error in importing her sources or mine. And changed the 53 source records in
my trial file back to default Source Types.
When one comes new to a programme it is impossible to know what is user
error, and what is a limitation of the software. In such a famous programme at TMG,
it does not occur to one that one might have come across a technical fault
which needed reporting. I did not even mention it to Dorothy when she rang me
Hence the ensuing incomprehension between me the new user and the TMG experts
- I am grateful to Caroline for her continuing determination to look in
detail at what I perceived as the limitations of TMG in handling sources. I have a
feeling she is going to find solutions to all.
Evelyn Wilcock, London
researching GOLDSTONE, COHEN, (Salford)
SANDERSON, (Liverpool) LUCAS (St Petersburg)
LEVI, LEE, PICKELNIK, RUBENSTEIN (Grodno, Leeds, Huddersfield)

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