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From: "Teresa Ghee Elliott" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] TMG 5.07 - Partial names
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 17:47:14 -0500
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Another thing I did when John's last utility came out was create a name
tag called: Name-Standardize. I use this tag for names where the last
name is spelt several different ways. So I set everyone with the name
CREEK to CRICK, and everyone with the name CRICK to CREEK, using the
Name-Standardized tag. This added a LOT of new names to my dataset, but
now all my Creek, Crick family sort together in the picklist. I don't
use this name tag for anything else, and the sentence is --.
I also used it to add the soundex of the name into the Name-OTHER field,
which I then renamed SOUNDEX. This way I have a way of knowing the
soundex for a woman under both her maiden name, and her married name.
The point? John's Utility can help you a great deal in changing name
parts and creating new ones. So you can have it create a name married
tag for everyone with a > in their name. Then remove the > from the
name married tag. Then add the soundex of the married name so that you
have that handy when you need it in the PV.

Teresa Ghee Elliott
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From: Walt [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, July 04, 2003 4:26 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 5.07 - Partial names


I too came from FTM and with a similar convention:

"Alice Smith>" showed a woman whose name was Alice, maiden name

unknown, who married a man named Smith.

Using John Cardinal's TMG Utility 5 to create Name-Marr tags, I now have

tags for Alice and other similarly "maiden name impaired" friends. In
Alice's case the Name-Marr tag reads:

Alice -(?) Smith

This shows on the screen as:

Alice (?) Smith

If you printed her Name-Marr tag in a report it would print as just:

Alice Smith

Since I now have these tags which take the place of the ones with
on them I can afford to get rid of the pseudo last name on those tags.

I do of course have a long list of first names only which sort to the
of the list.


At 04:42 PM 4/07/2003, Richard Brogger wrote:
>There are pros and cons to any method of recording names. If you do
>not enter a surname, those records will sort to the top of the
>Picklist. I have a dataset with about 60,000 people and it has first
>name only for about 1,200 women. I don't recall how many Alice's there
>are but I do recall that there are 63 Alice Theresa's. A long list of
>first names only is, IMO, worthless. As a FTM user, I had used the
>husband's surname followed by an apostrophe. For example John Smith
>was married to Alice Smith'. At least that way Alice sorts near the
>family into which she married. In TMG, this system is less useful but
>I still use it so that I do not have a long list of first names only
>at the top of the Picklist.
>Walt wrote:
> > Version 5.07 - Partial names
> >
> > I have many women in my database for whom I have only first names,
and many
> > times no names at all. I also have many men for whom I only have
> > names. Many people, of course, use some kind of "place holder" words
> > these cases: wife, husband, son, daughter, husband, wife, Mrs. Billy
> > Elliott, et. cetera.
> >
> > Is it better not to use these "place holder" words when entering
> > names into a TMG5 database? That is, is it best to:
> >
> > 1. enter only the first name when that is all I have other
> > the spouses name
> > 2. enter only the last name when that is all I have other
than the
> > spouses name
> > 3. leave the name blank if I know nothing about the
person's name
> > other than the spouses name
> >
> > These seem right to me but I know that it is very easy to overlook
some of
> > the consequences of a decision like this. As always, all comments
will be
> > appreciated.

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