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From: "Michael StGeorge" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Fonts in Pedigrees
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 02:05:52 -0500
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From: "Allan B Currie" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 12:07 AM
Subject: RE: [TMG] Fonts in Pedigrees

> Michael,
> I'm still using 4.0d and I have a tremendous choice of fonts.
I do most of
> my printing in Arial 8 and use 10 or 12 for titles.

Yeah. For other reports and charts I can select from all the
fonts for surname, given name, labels, etc when printing to
MSWord, but for some reason when I try to print pedigrees I
don't have those options. I just have two radio buttons to
select between 8 and 10pt Courier.

This is not the case with the compressed pedigree which allows
me to select fonts.

> The problem I have is with indented charts. Whenever the
information for an
> individual requires more than one line, the second line always
begins at the
> far left of the page instead of assuming the same indentation
as the first
> line. I find it extremely annoying to have to edit every chart
by setting
> hanging indents for each and every occurrence and losing the
continuity of
> the interconnecting graphic lines. Are you experiencing the
same thing?

Yep. I just tried it and I get the same problem. I tried editing
the hanging indents and even tried fixing the lines. If it's
possible to repair the continuity of the lines, it is more
trouble than it's worth tonight.

One fix that seemed to work well is to change the orientation of
the page from portrait to landscape. Depending on the length of
your longest lines this might work. You might also try using
short places, blank place modifiers, and dates without months
spelled out. That would shorten the lines. You can do all that
on the Report Definition window on the Options 2 tab.

I had a similar problem with the compressed pedigree. I even had
to use 8.5x14 legal size paper in landscape, but it worked.

I am not sure if this is what the developers of TMG charts were
thinking, but it sort of makes sense because part of the
aesthetic of the indented desc and compressed ped charts is that
all the info for each person appears on one line. At least
that's how it looks to my eye.

I was hoping that the TMG generated HTML for the compressed
pedigree would look better than it does. Nope, I can't live with
broken lines and slashes in place of solid lines and nice sharp
corners. I am guessing it's the same situation for the indented
desc charts. I know I have seen other web pages that had nicer
looking HTML for indented desc charts. Still broken lines, but
much sharper. Perhaps I can tweak the fonts and whatnot...

Fortunately, Second Site, an HTML generating program that works
with TMG will allow me to create nice compressed pedigrees. The
Second Site web pages I have seen are by far the nicest looking
web pages I have ever seen. I will still have to edit the HTML
quite extensively to get it to appear just the way I want
(birth, marriage, death, dates & places), but it will make it
easy to get where I want to go with things. I don't know if
Second Site will print an indented desc chart.

The compressed pedigree is a very cool chart. It is unfortunate
that it is not possible to print them to Visual Chart Form. They
would make nice wall charts, but you can still fudge the
ancestral charts in VCF which sort of makes up for it.

> I'm told that TMG just doesn't have the ability to handle
hanging indents
> and, what amazes me, is that no one on this list seems to
think that it
> matters. To me, it's a no-brainer. No one would want a word
processor that
> required you to manually set the indentation for every line
> yet this is what TMG is telling my word processors to do. I
use both Word
> and WordPerfect, but it makes no difference.
> I'm led to believe that TMG won't be any better
unless there is a
> heavy demand for it and, from the response I've had so far,
there doesn't
> seem to be much chance of that. The best method I've found is
to feed the
> file back to an old version of Family Tree Maker, PAF, or any
of the less
> "full-featured" programs that produce excellent indented

Yes, that is unfortunate. I have used UFT since 1997 when I
started genealogy. I just tried to create an indented desc chart
to compare it with the results I get in TMG. Unfortunately I am
having some problems getting it to work tonight. I'd like to see
the results you are getting with other programs if you wouldn't
mind sending a couple samples my way.

I used to think that UFT reports and charts were far superior to
TMG. The more I play with TMG and find some solutions to things,
the more I think I am changing my feelings about this, but it
sounds like the concensus is that TMG could improve on a couple
areas in the chart/reports realm. I think they will be forced to
eventually. TMG just has so much else going for it that I would
think it has to be one of those burning items for developers and
sales reps alike.


> There certainly is a way to solve your font problem

Yep. I think there must be. It just doesn't make sense. Sorry
this got so long.


and I'd be interested to
> have comments from you and others concerning indentation.
> Regards,
> Al
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> From: Michael StGeorge
> Sent: 2003-Jul-28 19:11
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> Subject: [TMG] Fonts in Pedigrees
> When I try to create a pedigree chart and print it to a MS
> document, I do not have the ability to select fonts. I am
> to use Courier New either 8 or 10pt.
> I am using version 4.0d. Is there a solution to this
> Thanks,
> Michael
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