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From: Garry F Bell <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Fonts in Pedigrees
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 21:35:21 +1200
References: <000001c3561c$25fcbfa0$4502a8c0@Cheasa>

And this is why I still use Family Tree Maker for my Indented Descendancy Chart AND I
shouldn't have to! The only way I partially get around it is to use Short Place Fields
on Landscape.

> All I can say is you are NOT alone. It has been requested before.
> Teresa Ghee Elliott
> I'm still using 4.0d and I have a tremendous choice of fonts. I do most
> of
> my printing in Arial 8 and use 10 or 12 for titles.
> The problem I have is with indented charts. Whenever the information for
> an
> individual requires more than one line, the second line always begins at
> the
> far left of the page instead of assuming the same indentation as the
> first
> line. I find it extremely annoying to have to edit every chart by
> setting
> hanging indents for each and every occurrence and losing the continuity
> of
> the interconnecting graphic lines. Are you experiencing the same thing?
> I'm told that TMG just doesn't have the ability to handle hanging
> indents
> and, what amazes me, is that no one on this list seems to think that it
> matters. To me, it's a no-brainer. No one would want a word processor
> that
> required you to manually set the indentation for every line
> individually,
> yet this is what TMG is telling my word processors to do. I use both
> Word
> and WordPerfect, but it makes no difference.
> I'm led to believe that TMG won't be any better unless there
> is a
> heavy demand for it and, from the response I've had so far, there
> doesn't
> seem to be much chance of that. The best method I've found is to feed
> the
> file back to an old version of Family Tree Maker, PAF, or any of the
> less
> "full-featured" programs that produce excellent indented charts.
> There certainly is a way to solve your font problem and I'd be
> interested to
> have comments from you and others concerning indentation.
> When I try to create a pedigree chart and print it to a MS Word
> document, I do not have the ability to select fonts. I am forced
> to use Courier New either 8 or 10pt.
> I am using version 4.0d. Is there a solution to this situation?
> Thanks,
> Michael
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