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From: Walt <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] backing up things
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 13:18:35 -0400
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I'm at a loss as to why you think this is something that should be handled
offlist. This is not something that is of interest to only a couple of
people. It is definitely on topic and should be sent to the list for all to


At 10:54 AM 5/08/2003, Laurie Williams wrote:
>Hi Stuart,
>Did you ever end up with a "final" batch file for the backup operation?
>I'm a big fan of "one-button backups", but I am somewhat daunted by
>writing batch files for XP. If you think the one below is complete or
>nearly so, I'll just cut and paste it into a file. If you have a more
>complete file, I would be grateful if you would send me a copy off-list
>to .
>Thanks for all the thought you have put into this important and all to
>often overlooked procedure.
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>From: Stuart Armstrong [mailto:]
>Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 3:23 PM
>Subject: RE: [TMG] backing up things
> So now I'm making a list ...
>program folder\App.ini (preferences)
>program folder\*.LO (layouts)
>program folder\reports\*.rpt (report definitions)
>program folder\*.xpt (gedcom export configs)
>program folder\*.tbr
>program folder\*.flt.
>What, pray tell, do *.tbr and *.flt contain?
>I'm guessing flt's are filter definitions? But they are found in the
>project directories. Aren't they backed up with the project?
>Actually, I'm not finding any *.flt files. I find *.flp files.
>What are the *.acc files in the project directories? Do they need to be
>Are there any more?
>I just thought of one more myself -- the latest upgrade file. If I lose
>the harddisk I'll need that in addition to the install disk.
>I'm going to have to create my own batchfile to automate these. I still
>remember how to do that. Sure wish there was a menu item to back up
>these things. The ideal would be to have all this backed up to a
>separate file every time I back up a project. Then I wouldn't have to
>think about it. I would know all the latest settings would be in a file
>or subfolder in the same folder with the latest project backup ...
>After much experimenting, here is the batchfile I've made so far to back
>up everything that isn't actually part of the data files. I really
>didn't expect it to be this complex. And I had to create special entries
>for each of my three projects. Am I missing anything or is any of this
>@echo off
>rem filename tmgbu.bat
>rem TMG Settings and Configuration BACKUP
>rem assumes TMG installation is in c:\The Master Genealogist rem assumes
>TMG backup is to e:\tmgb\
>cd c:\"The Master Genealogist"
>md e:\tmgb
>md e:\tmgb\config
>md e:\tmgb\config\reports
>md e:\tmgb\config\atlantic
>md e:\tmgb\config\cumberland
>md e:\tmgb\config\mexico
>xcopy tmg5setup.exe e:\tmgb\config\ /y
>xcopy tmg5update.exe e:\tmgb\config\ /y
>xcopy app.ini e:\tmgb\config\ /y
>xcopy *.lo e:\tmgb\config\ /y
>xcopy *.xpt e:\tmgb\config\ /y
>xcopy *.tbr e:\tmgb\config\ /y
>xcopy reports\*.rpt e:\tmgb\config\reports\ /y
>xcopy projects\atlantic\*.flp e:\tmgb\config\atlantic\ /y
>xcopy projects\cumberland\*.flp e:\tmgb\config\cumberland\ /y xcopy
>projects\mexico\*.flp e:\tmgb\config\mexico\ /y rem /y=overwrite without
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