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Subject: Re: [TMG] Project vs dataset
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 14:33:06 EDT

In a message dated 9/1/2003 2:10:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>I have been trying to merge
> some data sets and I am having a terrible time. I get
> duplicate sources for the same project,

When you merge two datasets, all sources in each will appear in the
combined dataset. TMG doesn't try to figure out if two sources are
actually that same and merge them. But you can merge any sources that
are duplicates after the merge, from the Master Source List.

> flags that
> operate differently depending on the dataset

I'm not clear what you mean here. Other than the default flags, each
dataset has it's own flags, and they need not be the same in the
several datasets. If you merge two datasets with different flags, both
sets of flags appear in the merged dataset. But if the two datasets
have flags of the same name but different sets of allowed values, the
values in the first dataset prevail. If this is your problem, I
suggest you either change the names in one dataset so they don't
match, or change the list of values in both so they do. If the problem
is something else, please tell us what it is so we might be able to

> and a bunch
> of other problems.

If you could describe them we might be able to help.

> I just want the program to work the way the old
> merge worked.

How was the old merge different?

> I have a collateral line with a lot of
> descendants. I want to add it to my main database and
> merge the ancestor. I want everything to be in database
> 1. Is there a way to do this?

Yes. But if you have flags set up differently in the two datasets, you
have to deal with that as I outlined above. If there are other issues,
let us help with them.
First, the flags are the same for each database. The new one may not
have as many as my main one, but those that it has are the same with the same
values. What happened was that the values were set differently. People in my
main database "died young" when they died at 98; some died in the Civil War when
they lived in the 1900's.
The next thing that happened was that my accents were all changed. My
Civil War death became Interim2 with the same values as the old Civil War flag.
Many of the others were replaced by "Problem" flags and "Interim" flags. All
the colors were changed. I finally saved my accent file under two names so
that I could apply the backup.
My next problem was that I couldn't merge the sources. There were no
citations for the duplicated set, but when I tried to merge or delete them, I was
given a "Fatal Error Exception Code=C0000005 Called from
FRMMERGERS.MMergersources Line/24."
I tried to import the second database of descendants and merge the common
ancestor, but I wasn't allowed by the program. I tried to copy the person,
but I got all the above problems.
I do have an idea about the source of the problem though and perhaps you
can tell me if it is probably what is going on. My database is very large and
my computer VERY full. I am wondering if I just don't have memory enough for
the computer to sort, merge and delete. Does that make sense with the kind
of errors I am getting?

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