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From: Donna Przecha <>
Subject: [TMG] Focus group
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 13:02:21 -0700
In-Reply-To: <>

Is it possible to create a filter or focus group for the following:

I have a database that was created as a research tool for a group of people
who are not necessarily related. There are individuals who are not married,
those who are and some with descendants for two or three generations.
Ideally we would like to print all the information in the form of family
group sheets so that all people are printed but not duplicate - i.e., not
print a sheet for the husband and another for the wife. If a child is
included on the parent's sheet, we wouldn't want another sheet for the
child by himself. Of course another one would be required if that child
also had children.

I guess I would want a FGS for every person who had no father and no
mother. There are only a few women who have no mother, father or spouse so
I could limit my group to males and add the few females manually. Is there
a selection so that any person in a FGS with descendants of his/her own
would automatically have their own FGS or do I have to devise another
filter - any person with a father or a mother who also has children? Would
that cover it?


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