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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] What's going on with this Grey Out Business
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 11:27:21 +0930
In-Reply-To: <>

To concerned TMG5 users,

Wholly Genes does care about fixing this "gray-out menus" bug. The
circumstances happen to be more complex than most users understand. In the
past, every case where a sequence that creates these gray-out menus
symptoms in a *reproducable* manner has been fixed. That is, the sequence
described by the user must give the same effect when checked by the

In event-driven programming (any windows/mouse application), it is is
impossible to predict the sequence of actions and events that have occurred
immediately prior to the next event. There are literally millions of
combinations in a complex program like TMG5. It seems as if in the case of
the gray-out menu bug(s) it may be operating system, installed hardware
(video card) or speed of the machine that means that some event is
processed in the wrong sequence or skipped entirely. I used bug(s) because
there are probably more than one situation that leads to the same symptoms.
We need to identify each and they will be promptly fixed.

*Sometimes* as the user _closes_ a popup window, the command to re-activate
the menu items gets lost.

The menus were grayed-out when the popup window was opened. This was done
to prevent the user from doing other actions out of sequence that might
corrupt the stored data or its structure.

Some examples of these popup windows are the Tag Entry, Picklist and
Preferences screens - that is, any window that pops up over the Person
View, Siblings, Children, etc windows that are open in your layout.


Find a sequence and *exactly* record that for you will cause the gray-out
of the menus each time that use it on newly opened TMG5 application window.
(Like someone did on TMG-L today.) Submit that sequence to Wholly Genes
support and if it is a *reproducable* effect on another computer it will be
fixed in an update.

We would all like this problem to be resolved - so don't bitch about it -
try to be constructive.

I know that is hard to remember what actions you have just done before the
problem occurred but that is what the developers need to know. The more
reports with detailed descriptions that TMG support receive the more likely
that a pattern will emerge that will isolate the circumstances of the problem.


(I have no commercial association with Wholly Genes Inc, but as a
long-standing user of TMG since 1995, I want to make sure that the emphasis
in this thread is towards improving the product performance.)

Robin R. Lamacraft ()
Coordinator of the Southern Adelaide TMG Users Group

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