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From: "Ruth Cattles Cottrell" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] What's going on with this Grey Out Business
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 21:19:02 -0500
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This certainly a way we can all help if we can document and report grey out
sequences such as Lucy did today.


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From: "Robin Lamacraft" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] What's going on with this Grey Out Business

> To concerned TMG5 users,
> Wholly Genes does care about fixing this "gray-out menus" bug. The
> circumstances happen to be more complex than most users understand. In the
> past, every case where a sequence that creates these gray-out menus
> symptoms in a *reproducable* manner has been fixed. That is, the sequence
> described by the user must give the same effect when checked by the
> developers.
> In event-driven programming (any windows/mouse application), it is is
> impossible to predict the sequence of actions and events that have
> immediately prior to the next event. There are literally millions of
> combinations in a complex program like TMG5. It seems as if in the case
> the gray-out menu bug(s) it may be operating system, installed hardware
> (video card) or speed of the machine that means that some event is
> processed in the wrong sequence or skipped entirely. I used bug(s) because
> there are probably more than one situation that leads to the same
> We need to identify each and they will be promptly fixed.
> Outcome:
> *Sometimes* as the user _closes_ a popup window, the command to
> the menu items gets lost.
> Explanation:
> The menus were grayed-out when the popup window was opened. This was done
> to prevent the user from doing other actions out of sequence that might
> corrupt the stored data or its structure.
> Some examples of these popup windows are the Tag Entry, Picklist and
> Preferences screens - that is, any window that pops up over the Person
> View, Siblings, Children, etc windows that are open in your layout.
> SO...
> Find a sequence and *exactly* record that for you will cause the gray-out
> of the menus each time that use it on newly opened TMG5 application
> (Like someone did on TMG-L today.) Submit that sequence to Wholly Genes
> support and if it is a *reproducable* effect on another computer it will
> fixed in an update.
> We would all like this problem to be resolved - so don't bitch about it -
> try to be constructive.
> I know that is hard to remember what actions you have just done before the
> problem occurred but that is what the developers need to know. The more
> reports with detailed descriptions that TMG support receive the more
> that a pattern will emerge that will isolate the circumstances of the
> (I have no commercial association with Wholly Genes Inc, but as a
> long-standing user of TMG since 1995, I want to make sure that the
> in this thread is towards improving the product performance.)
> Robin R. Lamacraft ()
> Coordinator of the Southern Adelaide TMG Users Group
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