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From: Elizabeth Churchett <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Precedence re variable name vs. name variation (v5.09)
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 12:55:33 -0500
References: <>

I must admit that I had a nice thank-you note to John and Terry mostly
written when this popped up in my mailbox and I had to stop and rethink
everything. I think the best thing for me to do is to see if I can say
this back to you in my own words to make sure I understand how the
variable, Name Tag, and Name Style are interrelated.

I gather from your replies the following:

--as it states in the box in the upper-right corner of the Tag Entry
screen, the default Name-Var Tag used in narratives for an individual is
their Primary Name Tag
--when the rolename variable calls for a specific field or value (such
as first name or given name) from the Name Tag assigned to the event
participant, that call overrides the output template of the Name Style
applied to the Name Tag chosen.

So, take the following scenario:
Individual #353
Primary Name-Var Tag:
GivenName: Catherine Louella
Surname: McCullough
Name-Nick Tag:
GivenName: Kitty Lou

Individual #535
Primary Name-Var Tag:
GivenName: Elizabeth Ann
Surname: Karl

Individual #555
Primary Name-Var Tag:
GivenName: John Patrick
Surname: Karl
Name-Nick Tag:
GivenName: Pat

All name Tags have the same name style, which has the following output
[Title] [GivenName] [Surname] [Suffix]

My goal is to design a Sentence Structure that will produce Kitty Lou
for the first individual, Elizabeth for the 2nd, and Pat for the 3rd.

If I use [PF], that will work for Elizabeth, and it will work for Pat as
long as I've selected his Name-Nick Tag in the Tag Entry box. But it
will not work for Kitty Lou--that will get me "Catherine" when her
Primary Name Tag is used, and just "Kitty" when I've selected her
Name-Nick Tag.

If I use [P], then that would work as long as I have a Name-xxx Tag for
everyone that includes just the name they were known by (surname not
included), and I assign that Name Tag for use in the Tag Entry box.

Thanks for bearing with me this long. Did I wind up speaking truth, or
is my comprehension still incomplete?


John Cardinal wrote:

>I may not have been clear in my previous reply, so let me add to it...
>Assume two name tags:
>1, and primary:
> GivenName: John Fitzgerald
> Surname: Kennedy
> GivenName: Jack
> Surname: Kennedy
>If you select name tag #2 in the dropdown list of names for an event, then [PF]
>in the sentence for that event will produce "Jack".
>For the next example, assume a single name tag:
> GivenName: John Fitzgerald
> Surname: Kennedy
> OtherName: Jack
>Further assume that the name style for this tag has the following output
>[OtherName] [Surname]
>In that case, [P] will produce "Jack Kennedy" but [PF] will produce "John". The
>point of my previous post was that the way TMG creates [PF] is independent of
>the name style used for the name tag. That seems like the only way that TMG
>could produce "John" when the user expected "Jack".
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