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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Precedence re variable name vs. name variation (v5.09)
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 16:21:21 -0400
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I think everything you said is correct. The task of choosing the first
and second part of a given name for some people, but only the first
part for others, is not simple.

There are a couple of "rules," which I think you have down:

1. The sentence structure variables for names always refer to the Name
Tag specified in the name variation specified for the tag.

2. When the name variable calls for only part of the name, and it
conflicts with the name style specified in the referenced name tag,
the variable's specification over-rides. For example, if you create a
name style with no given name element, and use a variable like
[RF:rolename], you still get the first name.

As to getting sometimes the full first name and for others only part
of it, a couple of ideas occur to me:

1. One is essentially what you proposed. Create a name tag with the
desired given name form, specify that name variation, and use a
variable like [R:rolename]. This requires that you use a name style
that excludes the surname, because you cannot suppress the surname
being picked up from the primary name tag otherwise.

2. Create a name tag with the desired given name form, specify that
name variation, and use a variable like [RG:rolename].

3. Choose between the variable form [RF:rolename] or [RG:rolename] for
each person depending on the desired results. You might be able to do
this with Roles if you don't want to customize locally.


On Tue, 02 Sep 2003 12:55:33 -0500, Elizabeth Churchett wrote:
> --as it states in the box in the upper-right corner of
> the Tag Entry screen, the default Name-Var Tag used in
> narratives for an individual is their Primary Name Tag
> --when the rolename variable calls for a specific field
> or value (such as first name or given name) from the Name
> Tag assigned to the event participant, that call
> overrides the output template of the Name Style applied
> to the Name Tag chosen.
> So, take the following scenario:
> Individual #353
> Primary Name-Var Tag:
> GivenName: Catherine Louella
> Surname: McCullough
> Name-Nick Tag:
> GivenName: Kitty Lou
> Individual #535
> Primary Name-Var Tag:
> GivenName: Elizabeth Ann
> Surname: Karl
> Individual #555
> Primary Name-Var Tag:
> GivenName: John Patrick
> Surname: Karl
> Name-Nick Tag:
> GivenName: Pat
> All name Tags have the same name style, which has the
> following output template: [Title] [GivenName] [Surname]
> [Suffix]
> My goal is to design a Sentence Structure that will
> produce Kitty Lou for the first individual, Elizabeth for
> the 2nd, and Pat for the 3rd.
> If I use [PF], that will work for Elizabeth, and it will
> work for Pat as long as I've selected his Name-Nick Tag
> in the Tag Entry box. But it will not work for Kitty Lou-
> -that will get me "Catherine" when her Primary Name Tag
> is used, and just "Kitty" when I've selected her Name-
> Nick Tag.
> If I use [P], then that would work as long as I have a
> Name-xxx Tag for everyone that includes just the name
> they were known by (surname not included), and I assign
> that Name Tag for use in the Tag Entry box.
> Thanks for bearing with me this long. Did I wind up
> speaking truth, or is my comprehension still incomplete?

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