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Subject: [TMG] Re: TMG-D Digest V03 #1539
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 17:25:48 EDT

I have tried the website for the image driver at WG website and it doesn't
work.....web site not found. Please let me know what I did incorrectly.

>I read it on the web site, although the links to the article on the HP
>drivers, which are meaningful to me, were not working on the web site.

I see what you mean. Some of the URLs were stripped out when the text
version was converted to HTML. I'll look into why that happened but I've
fixed it now.

The site in question is <http://www.whollygenes.comimagedriver.htm>; and
that should be clickable if you e-mail software allows it.

Again, if the copy you received in your private mailbox included a table of
contents and nothing else, then I'd like to see it.


Bob Velke
Wholly Genes Software

Anna Henderson Chavelle in Seattle
WINXP professional, PENTIUM IV,1.7 GHz, 512 Ram, 60GB HD, DSL, TMG5.09.00 and
Axim 5 400 PDA.

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