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From: "Michael N Maggs" <>
Subject: [TMG] Problems with setting the focus in the Research Log in 5.09
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 21:46:59 +0100

I am having a problem when I set the Research Log to a source, and then try
to enter a source number. If I enter source number 100 in the field, and
then tab out of it, the number automatically changes to 38. If I enter
source 99, and then tab, the number changes to 51. If I enter 98, it
changes to 50. The source number almost always changes when I leave the
field, although not normally to anything very predictable.

I see a similar problem when I set the focus to a repository. Repository
number 10 changes to nine, and 20 to 19. For repositories, the number
always reduces by one.

I recall that the repository focus problem was previously mentioned on this
list in connection with 5.08. But I can't recall anybody previously
mentioning a problem when setting the focus to a source. If I remember
rightly, the repository problem was something to do with repositories having
previously been renumbered, and indeed I have done that in my own data set.
I have also in the past modified one or two source numbers, and I wonder
whether that may be the origin of the difficulties?

Perhaps one of the beta testers could have a look, and if necessary report
to TMG?


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