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From: "Martin Jackson" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Greyed out Tags
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 17:06:31 +0100
In-Reply-To: <01ae01c37295$9382eaf0$173e2844@DennisDell340>

I too have recently had a lot of 'Greyed Out Screens', with results
similar to those reported by Navygrog. ie Lockouts.
This has made the software nearly unusable - even though I perform
ALL maintenance routines in TMG frequently - with no errors being
I am attempting to tidy up a 560 person import from FTW and check
that each entry conforms to my style tidying up, merging with existing
persons and generally cleaning up each entry.
Investigation and handwritten log of keystrokes shows a consistent
result to lockup time, only able to get back in by CRTL/ALT/DEL/ exit
and calling in TMG from the desktop.

However as my Prefs were PE linked to other windows and Data entry =
Advanced Mode, I decided to detach the PE and test with data entry in
Beginner Mode. No failures occurred. !!!
Back in Advanced Mode and it is currently 'serviceable' - I wonder if
there might be a clue here?
[I am running v5.09.000 - Win ME - 10250 person project - PII -
366Mhz - 500 Mb RAM - plenty of hard drive space defragged every
couple of days].

Martin Jackson in Scotland

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