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From: Donna Przecha <>
Subject: [TMG] Sources on FGS
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 16:11:19 -0700

Do I understand this correctly - if you select footnotes for memos or
sources on a Family Group Sheet, they will converted to endnotes if you
print directly or print to screen. (Since you can save a FGS file only in
ASCII or PDF format at this time, saving in WordPerfect format isn't
possible.) Endnotes are a separate report so you have print one page for
the FGS and then do another print operation on a separate sheet for the
notes? This seems very cumbersome and wastes paper. If you are doing
reports for several people, I assume it groups all the endnotes. Generally
people prefer the FGS format because it puts everything in one place but
this sounds very inconvenient. (I never use this report form but am trying
to help someone who does.)


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