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From: "Jeff Clenard" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Backup/Restore Problem
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 18:34:01 -0700
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Alan wrote:

> I have discovered a bug in Backup/Restore (TMG 5.09).
> I am now regularly shipping my project between my desktop and my work
> laptop.
> The problem is that although my external images are in c:\Program
> Files\The Master Genealogist\Projects\Images directory when they are
> backed up and restored they move to the c:\Program Files\The Master
> Genealogist\Pics directory thus breaking the links. I also see unzip
> errors on the larger images.
> Has anybody else seen these problems?

Hello Alan,

The Restore process does not create a new folder for exhibits if it does not
already exist. So, if you store your exhibits, images in this case, in a folder
other than PICS, and that folder does not exist on the restoring system, TMG
v5.09 will restore the images to the PICS folder and link them to the
appropriate people.

One way to be sure that your "custom" exhibits folder exists is to set it as the
default via Preferences. To do that select File > Preferences and click
Advanced.under 'Current Project Options'. Enter the appropriate folder name in
the field next to 'Exhibit folder:' and click [Apply]. If the folder does not
exist, TMG will ask you if you want to create it.

If the "custom" exhibits folder exists on the restoring system then the exhibits
will be restored to the proper folder (in my experience anyway).

I do get a DynaZip UnZip error on my WinMe system that seems to be related to
exhibits, but do not on my WinXP system. In both cases, however, all of my
exhibits do seem to get properly restored as external exhibits.

I'll notify the developers of the UnZip error behavior, and also check to see if
they can incorporate the automatic creation of a "custom" exhibits folder into
the restore process.

Hope this helps -

Jeff Clenard

If the Images folder exists on the restoring system

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