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From: Allen Mellen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Filter help, please
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 10:54:58 -0400
References: <>
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As Myrnice pointed out, the filter clauses

>1. any event any place field equals Ost Friesland and
>2. any event DATE <= * 1717

are evaluated independently, and do not necessarily refer to the same event.

You write

>This filter still resulted in numerous folks with dates which start after
>1717 and are in some way qualified. It also includes people based on a
>qualified (circa, before etc.) sort date when the primary date field for a
>tag is empty.

Are you saying that the filter turns up people who have no event at all, no
matter where, with a date before 1717?

If that's so, please let me know where you are applying the filter -- to
the Picklist, the Project Explorer, or the List of People. They should all
work the same, but it would be helpful to know which you are using.

If you are searching for males with events that took place in Ost Friesland
in or before 1717, the List of Events is a better choice. The List of
Events allows you to set a flag for the principals, other witnesses, or
both, associated with the events found..

>Can this be more precise or is this the "problem" with before and circa?

Filtering for a date before 1717 should not turn a tag with a date of. for
example, "before 1800," so far as I know. As far as "circa" goes, since
according to the Help topic "Chronological Sort," "before" sorts before
"circa," so I do not think that is the problem.
I'll investigate further to find out aboutthe handling tags with sort dates
but empty date fields.


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