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From: "Peggy Haley" <>
Subject: [TMG] A good word for the FGS
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 14:59:34 -0600

This is long, sorry but I didn't know how to say this in any shorter way. Please fee free not to read if your not interested.
I have been on and off of this list for several years now and have read a lot about the reports available to genealogists. It has been mentioned several times that if someone has a better idea for a report - list it. With all the recent mentioning of FGS I thought it was time to give my opinion. Before I started using any genealogy program I kept information in the FGS style. As I added pages I would add a page number. Everyone who was married got their own page. The individual with vital statistics including parent's names was first on the sheet followed by his or her spouse with the corresponding info. The children were listed in spreadsheet fashion below the parents. The children's names and vital statistics were listed in rows and columns, the last column listing a page number corresponding to where the child's own family page could be found. At the top of the page where the parents of the individual and spouse were listed, a page number could be found to locate!
the FGS of the parents. At the end of the children section I would put what we call the Descendancy Narrative for the individual and spouse of this page. Not everyone had a narrative but most of the older ancestors do. This is where I would include pictures and copies of documents as well.

This was very easy way for any family member who doesn't know an Ahnentafel from a Descendancy Narrative to follow the family lines and know who belongs to whom. I did this in MSWord where the page numbers were bookmarked and referenced to the individual so page numbers were automatically updated as I added more pages to the document. After I started using a genealogy program and printed out reports I was distressed to find that the usual reports were so hard to follow when the genealogy was long and involved. My family thought the same and the first family gathering I attended with the new reports I was asked to PLEASE go back to the old way. Not wanting to paginate manually after printing FGS reports from the program, I still update in my non-genealogist user-friendly MSWord document as I update my TMG program. It is twice the work but such a lovely presentation. In my family book I do not use endnotes or foot notes but only a bibliography (which TMG so nicely does !
for me). I tell my family that if they want a specific documentation they can contact me. Up to now no one has. Thanks for letting me present a good word for the FGS.

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