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From: "mbkitts" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] repository address
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 16:20:02 -0700
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In a genealogical program that I used in the past,
the repository was entered as part of the source
not as a separate item.

In TMG, the Repository record is created separately
from the Source and then the Source is linked to
the Repository record. This way, we can reuse a
repository that we had used before.

I find it best to first create my Repository (if it
is a new one that I have not used before). Then
I create the Source record and finish by linking
the Source to the Repository.

You can first create the Source, then the Repository,
and go back to the Source to link them together.

If you have Hoffman's GTMOOTMG, look at
the right hand column on page 102. There you
can see the repository address for the Broadmoor
Branch, Shreveport Memorial Library. The Repository
address, in this case is: "Genealogy Section,
1212 Captain Shreve Dr, Shreveport, LA".

Every time you use another Source that you saw
at that Library in Shreveport, you would link the
source to that Repository.

Does that make sense? It took me a week to
figure that out last spring.


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From: "Cheryl Chasin" <>
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Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 9:18 AM
Subject: [TMG] repository address

> To what field does [Repository Address] as used in a full
footnote or
> bibliography entry refer? For example, in the source type
> Registration (local) there's no element corresponding to
> Address] so I assumed it was an element in the Master
Repository List. I
> selected a repository from the Attachments tab in the
Source Definition
> Screen, and put a different letter of the alphabet in each
field on the
> Repository Definition screen. Yet when I previewed the
footnote on the
> Source Definition screen, all I saw with respect to the
repository was
> "unknown repository, unknown repository address." This is
making me crazy.
> Cheryl
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