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From: "Jim Slade" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] v5.x External Utilities (redux)
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 22:53:11 -0500
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I am somewhat confused by the line to suggested put in the APP.INI
"Utilities2=Ancestry Genealogy Library,e:\TMGW\Ancestry\unlock.exe"

Does the path refer to location of the TMGv4 CD #2 or to the directory where
TMGv5 is located?

TMGv5 has no Ancestry folder and unless you still have TMGv4 installed on
the computer you do not have a path TMGW\Ancestry. However, there is a file
"unlock.exe" on the CD, but it is not in a folder called Ancestry, so I am
totally confused.

When using TMGv5, could you explain exactly what path should be entered to
run this CD?


> As there are a number of new users of TMG v5x who have converted from v4x
> and might miss using the Ancestry Library that was included with that
> version (Gold only), you can use the Library with v5x. This information
> was posted in the pas, but some may have missed it.
> This requires that there be another entry under the Tools=>External
> Utilities menu entry. TMG uses a text file called APP.INI to contain many
> items, one of which is a "header" called: "[ExternalUtilities]". You
> should use the NOTEPAD (or other text editor) to find that entry and add
> entry like (no quotes):
> "Utilities2=Ancestry Genealogy Library,e:\TMGW\Ancestry\unlock.exe"
> Be sure to make the last part of the entry agree with your installation
> including drive and path on the 'Unlock.exe' file. If the header is not
> there, just add it at the end of the file with the 'Utilities2' line
> following. If you already have the header, then add the 'Utilities2'
> above as 'Utilities3', 'Utilities4', etc. See the Online Help for further
> information about External Utilities. Keep in mind that if the header is
> not present, then it is assumed to only have the one standard entry:
> "Windows Character Map" which is the 'Utilities1' entry.
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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