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From: "Jim Slade" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] v5.x External Utilities (redux)
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 12:28:08 -0500
References: <> <>

Lee, after searching the FAQ on WG for "Ancestry" or "Library", I come up
with zero instructions for installing CD#2.

Since I no longer have TMGv4 on my computer, are you telling me that I must
re-install v4 in order to use CD#2?

Is there not a way to use CD#2 with v5.09? I find no instructions on FAQ
or anywhere else for that process.


> It depends on where you installed your Ancestry Library. There should be
> such a file in that folder (usually called Ancestry but I think that can
> renamed by your installation.
> The procedure for this is covered in the FAQs pages of the Wholly Genes
> homepage <>. I should have mentioned this in my
> message. I don't know that it has any more than my earlier message, but
> may be clearer.

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