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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Particular Exhibit fails to appear in report/box chart in TMG v4 & v5
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:51:14 +0930
References: <000a01c37c23$4ee5f9e0$46d4223f@TonyColson><004e01c37c55$be375eb0$6401a8c0@charliexii>
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At 10:51 17/09/2003 +1000, Tony wrote:

>All exhibits are external JPG format, compressed to 100 - 300 kb and all
>residing in the appropriate folder for each of the versions of TMG. I fail
>to understand why the particular exhibit which is malfunctioning in the
>reports, displays ok in the "Personal View". This exhibit has been deleted
>and reloaded into the exhibit log with no improvement.


Although the file extension is JPG, there are many format variants that
hide under that same extension. The JPG format has been "improved" and some
tools cannot view the "improved" formats. Beware of LZW compressions, but
because you can see the image in the Image window, it suggests that this is
not your problem. The most likely reason is that the image viewing tool in
VCF/TMG5 has not been updated to match these "improved" JPG formats. The
image features in VCF/TMG4 are unlikely to be updated.

Please privately send me () a copy of the image file
that does not work for you in VCF. If I can confirm the problem, I will
advise the developers seeking a solution.

Robin Lamacraft (Adelaide, Australia)

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