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From: "Richard Damon" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Endnotes and Footnotes again
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 21:56:10 -0400
In-Reply-To: <007a01c37cb9$bf79f260$173e2844@DennisDell340>

The only real difference between footnotes and endnotes is where they are. I
tend to put "unreferenced" memos as footnotes and sources as endnotes. The
footnotes are for things I don't want cluttering the narrative, but still
want easy to reference. They are right there at the bottom of the page.
Endnotes are less accessible. Endnotes also have the advantage that I can
compress multiple identical entries with the unique endnote function.

One limitation on footnotes is they only work wit word processor output.
This is why you don't find an accumulate function for them, that only occurs
when you are NOT sending to a word processor. Footnotes are converted to
endnotes when not sending to a word processor because the output engine does
not have the smarts to handle the footnotes. The reason for accumulating
endnotes is if you wish to put several reports together with just one set of
endnotes for the collection.

Richard Damon
,.com (Home)

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From: Dennis Norton [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 9:19 PM
Subject: [TMG] Endnotes and Footnotes again

I'm still relatively new with TMG, running 5.09. I've faithfully read
everything I can about footnotes and endnotes. I still am not quite sure I
understand everything about them. I think I understand most of it, but then
I run into something that sets me back. I would greatly appreciate a short,
concise explanation from one of the long time users that answers the
following questions. I'm sure there are great reasons for all of this, and
I'm also sure the answers you provide will clear everything up for me and
other relatively new users. In one short, concise, all in one paragraph -

1 - What is the real difference between footnotes and endnotes other than
one is at the foot of a sheet and the other is at the end of a report?

2 - Is there any other difference or any other reason for using one or the

3 - Why do endnotes accumulate? What operational use is there for me to
have the endnotes accumulate?

4 - Do footnotes accumulate as footnotes? Or just as endnotes?

5 - GTMOOTMG, on page 149/150 states "In addition, footnotes will be
converted to endnotes when output is directed to the screen, printer or
non-word processor file, so they will accumulate as well". Why?

Thanks for your help.

BTW, GTMOOTMG has been a great help in my understanding of TMG. I've only
been actively using it for less than a year and I've learned more about the
"hidden things and all the little ins and outs" since GTMOOTMG arrived in my
mailbox than I had the entire 10 months before that. Thanks to Lee and the
other contributors for a tremendous "help" resource.

Dennis Norton

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