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From: "Michael J. Hannah" <>
Subject: [TMG] When did location sentence variables change
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 21:03:21 -0600
References: <> <004501c38185$434a6b90$6401a8c0@charliexii>

Thanks for confirming and reporting my error, Jim, but your
comment about the location sentence variable order sent me
scurrying to my documentation, where I got two different answers.

Your order matches the on-line help of Version 5.09:
Level 1 [LA], [L1] or [ADDRESSEE]
Level 2 [LD], [L2] or [DETAIL], [DETAIL1], [DETAIL2], ... [DETAIL9]
Level 3 [LCI], [L3] or [CITY]
Level 4 [LCN], [L4] or [COUNTY]
Level 5 [LS], [L5] or [STATE]
Level 6 [LCR], [L6] or [COUNTRY]
Level 7 [LZ], [L7] or [ZIP]
Level 8 [LP], [L8] or[PHONE]
Level 9 [LL], [L9] or [LATLONG]
Level 10 [LT], [L10] or [TEMPLE]

However, from the TMG official change log for version 4.0d:
The list of supported sentence variables now includes the following
in addition to those listed at the bottom of pg 267.
[L1] = pLace level 1 (Addressee)*
[L2] = Level 2 (Detail)
[L3] = Level 3 (LatLong/Temple)
[L4] = Level 4 (City)
[L5] = Level 5 (County)
[L6] = Level 6 (State)
[L7] = Level 7 (Country)
[L8] = Level 8 (Postal)*
[L9] = Level 9 (Phone)*
(* these three place elements are only accessible for tags in
the Address group).

I carefully updated my documentation with this information when
this change log came out and never noticed that the meaning for
the numbers have changed in Version 5.

Anyone know when (what version) this change took place?

Michael Hannah

Jim Byram wrote:
> Michael J. Hannah wrote:
>>I now chose what should(?) be the equivalent output
>>for the column types in order in fields 1-6 as:
>>Place L1, Place L2, Place L4, Place L5, Place L6, Place L7,
>>and the same sort order. However the output is unexpected.
>>The information now prints AS IF I had specified the order:
>>Addressee, State, Detail, County, Country, City, and the
>>sort is appropriate to the field, so City is primary, etc.
>>In other words, L1 is printing Addressee, L2 is printing
>>State instead of its documented equivalence to Detail,
>>L4 is printing Detail instead of City, etc.
> Confirmed and reported. You didn't set it up quite right.
> L1 = addresses
> L2 = detail
> L3 = city
> L4 = county
> L5 = state
> L6 = country
> Jim

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