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From: "Cheryl Chasin" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Filing systems question
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 18:33:41 -0400
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My filing system deals well (I think) with researching collateral
lines, but I'm not sure it will help your situation. I have three ways of
filing things. Anything that can be filed on the basis of geography is:
censuses, courthouse records, cemetery transcriptions, etc. When I first
start working on a particular area, usually a county, I may just have one
folder for that county. But on counties where my people lived for several
generations and I've done lots of research I may have 10 or more folders
within that county -- one for each census, one for deeds, one for estate
records, etc.

Anything that can't be filed geographically is in a surname folder.
Families for whom I have a lot of material may have a separate
correspondence folder just to keep the size down. When I look at my source
citations, I can generally put my hands on the right folder very quickly
(unless of course it's in the stack on the coffee table next to the couch
<g>). Particularly in my father's family, there are so many cousin marriages
that a filing system based on individuals just wouldn't work for me; I'd
have to copy everything three or four times to get each document into the
correct folders. Even surnames would be a problem because a couple of the
surnames involve such a high percentage of my data. Also, I have one big
project involving a particular surname (Yelton) where I collect everything I
can find and another where I'm trying to identify all descendants of a
particular individual. In both cases I'm looking at a number of collateral
lines and filing by surname just wouldn't work for me.

The third category is military service and related pension records,
which I file by war and then, in the case of the Civil War, by Union and
Confederate, and in some cases by state. With resepct to the latter, my
growing obsession leads me to think I'll have regimental files at some


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From: Teresa Ghee Elliott [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2003 3:19 PM
Subject: [TMG] Filing systems question

Several months ago, I finally got all my documents filed by surname and put
into folders. Now I am trying to go back through each one and organize the
information so that it not only is easy to find, but so that it is appealing
to the eye, so that when I go to family reunions, I can take the folders and
it will be easily understood and interesting to view.

I was wondering how do other's handle these siblings that are sometimes
easier to research, or that we have to research in order to figure out
things about our ancestors.

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