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Subject: [TMG] Birth Order Wrong
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 05:15:41 EDT

Thank you so much. As always I appreciate your replies which are so careful
and detailed. It did help. Can I ask a bit more?
My experience was that I could not edit the birth order flag while it was
disabled. But I may have confused editing the flag definition in Flag Manager
with editing the setting for one person.
I have something wrongly set as I tried deleting his birth tag and
re-entering but it made no difference.
How does one set birth order flag to unset?
I dont fully understand why this child came half way down the list when he
was added last and, to the best of my belief, imported from Generations.
Is there any way I can set birth order to ? on the trees which I have brought
in to TMG and which may have a similar problem?
I have used sort date to show birth order where actual date is not known. Is
this used only on screen and ignored in reports?
With apologies
Evelyn Wilcock (London)

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