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From: Dead Relatives <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Total People Count
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 19:03:36 -0300
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LOL ... about par for the course for me ..... a day late
and a dollar short <g>.

Boys-oh-boys is V5 ever slow at calculating the text vis-a-vis the
speed in V4. Mind you I went right to the report generation after the
import without saving and reopening the file and suspect this might have
something to do with the slow speed as I noticed, in earlier imports, that
things seemed to speed up considerably after saving and reopening the
file. The report takes about 45 min to generate in V4 and it is already
well over an hour in V5 and only reporting 11% progress at calculating the

It seems that no matter what the good folks at Wholly Genes do the
make their program better, there is always an "idiot" like myself standing
ready to push the envelope to failure <g>.


At 06:50 PM 01-10-03, you wrote:
>I reported this to the developers several versions ago but they seem to
>have other things more pressing to do.

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