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From: Richard Webb <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Documenting Negative Results
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2004 15:06:32 -0500
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Thanks Theresa and Elizabeth for the feedback. I am heading toward using
the Research log to keep track of census and other items to be
checked. Where I have come up short for Census searches I will be using a
new tag, Census - not found. The sentence structure is very simple, ie.,
[P] was not found in the census of<[M1]>. || <M2>. Where [M1] is for the
census details and [M2] is for other thoughts or suggestions.

Does this seem reasonable or am I missing something or by doing it this way
I will complicate my life horribly.


At 11:54 AM 1/1/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>Richard Webb wrote:
>>I just finished reviewing 384 census sheets and did not find what I was
>>looking for. Since this frequently happens, negative results I mean, I
>>was wondering if there is a recommended way of documenting this within
>>TMG. I suppose that I could use the Research notes feature but was
>>wondering if there was a better way, one that allows me to quickly see
>>where things stand for a given individual in the database. In the past I
>>tried Bygones but now want to use TMG alone.
>>Thanks for the help,
>>Nancy and Dick Webb
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>>Raleigh, NC 27615
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>There are, as you may realize, many options open to you. Depending on your
>preferences, you might choose to do one of the following:
>--add a Role to whatever census Tag you are using--call it something like
>"Not Found", and craft an appropriate Sentence Structure for it (so you
>would get output something like "Dick has not been located in the 1900
>--create an entirely separate Tag to use both for people you are still
>seeking and those you've given up on (this is what I did)--my Roles are
>StillSearching and UnableToLocate--details follow
>Role: StillSearching
>Sentence Structure: [RF:StillSearching] has not yet been located in the
>[M1], official date [D]. [M2]
>--M1 is the full name of the census (ex. 1900 US Federal Census, 1901 UK
>--M2 is for likely locations to check first, approximate age, with whom
>s/he might be living, etc.
>Role: UnableToLocate
>Sentence Structure: [RF:UnableToLocate] has not been found in the [M1]. [M3]
>--M1 is the full name of the census (ex. 1900 US Federal Census, 1901 UK
>--M2 is used in the StillSearching Role and not included in the Sentence
>for this Role
>--M3 is for any further information about perhaps where the rest of the
>family was located, and if appropriate to say that the person was missing
>from the household in which the other family members were living
>--M4 is to note under what names and in what locations I searched for the
>person, also perhaps what sites or records (web site, NARA, etc.) I
>searchedthis is not used in a Sentence
>--I have also seen suggestions from others on this list who have created a
>"Negative Research" Tag, which accommodates more than just negative census
>Come back to the list for expansion on any of these ideas should any
>appeal to you.
>Austin, Texas
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