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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Indiv Narrative w/ Burial Information
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 09:34:51 -0500
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What I am saying that using WO negates the _need_ for all the roles in
the principal's Burial Tag.

bob gillis

Elizabeth Churchett wrote:
> bob gillis wrote:
> >Elizabeth Churchett wrote:
> >
> >
> >>All would be fine for the person attached in the Principal (primary)
> >>Role. For instance, you might have a Sentence Structure for the
> >>Principal Role something like (without the quotes) "[P] was buried
> >><[L]><. Others also buried in this plot are [W].>" That would generate
> >>a sentence like this: "Jennifer was buried in plot 13 of the Calvary
> >>Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio. Others also buried in this plot are John
> >>Doe, Karen Doe, Juliette Doe, and James Dean."
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >You need "Others also buried in this plot are [WO]".
> >
> Well, sort of--in the Sentence for the Principal Role, which is what's
> in the above paragraph, it could just be [W] and that would be fine.
> The complications arise for the Witness Sentence Structures. You are
> saying, I think, that you could have the Sentence Structure "[W] was
> buried <[L]> along with [P]< and [WO]>. I don't know if [WO] can be
> placed in conditional brackets like that, which it needs to be to
> accommodate situations where only two people are teogether. Right?
> >> The problem comes in crafting a Sentence Structure for the Witness Role,
> >>as TMG does not yet have a full complement of witness variables to use.
> >> Specifically, I do not know of a way to tell the Sentence to
> >>differentiate between the person attached in the Witness Role who is the
> >>subject of the IN, and the others attached in the Witness Role.
> >> (There's no variable such as WO for other witnesses.)
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Was WO dropped in VER 5.x? I doubt it.
> >
> Well, of course it was not dropped--oops on my part and thanks for
> pointing it out. I went back and checked my notes as I'd gotten caught
> by this in a major way last September. WO is still present; what is
> missing is an equivalent when Roles other than Witness are used--i.e., a
> variable such as RO:Rolename that would list others attached to the
> Role, rather than all other Witnesses (as that might include others
> listed in different Roles).
> James Colgate (a former list member) sent out a summary last March of
> how some of the variables behave in various situations; here's what he
> sent regarding W and WO "when the *witness* is the *subject* of his own
> narrative:
> [W] returns only the one witness who is the subject, but not the other
> witnesses
> [WO] returns the names of all the witnesses EXCEPT the one who is the
> subject of this narrative (the Principal does not show up here, but anyone
> ascribed to other rolenames, and indeed anyone assigned simply the [W]
> variable, will show up) "
> So Kathleen's solution could be much simpler--she can do it without
> creating her own Roles, as long as she modifies the Principal and
> Witness structures appropriately and doesn't mind having to manually fix
> output when there are only two total people in the same grave/plot.
> --Elizabeth
> Austin, Texas
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