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From: "Barbara Heard" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] v5.11 why is this source "custom"
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 09:39:09 -0800
References: <>

Hi Lee,
Thanks for the information.
I want to use the Mills source categories because Lackey's are too
limited. I currently have my 'initialize custom source types' screen set to
"Evidence (E.S.Mills)". So, if I understand your explanation, I have my
source types set correctly for what I want to use. But does that mean the
"Evidence" source types will always be 'custom.' It seems that way to me.
Do I understand this correctly? I just reread GMOTMG about source types,
and it doesn't make it any clearer for me.
Sorry to be so slow in 'getting' this. I've decided to finally start
really getting in to this program and I have to admit I've considered
abandoning it and going to something not as "powerful and flexible" as TMG.
But I've got so much time and effort invested in TMG that I want to give
myself some more time to develop a better understanding of the program. I
hate to 'give up' on things. :-)
Bye for now, Barbara Heard

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