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From: "Ronald J. Emery" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] John Cardinal's TMG Utility 5 - Puzzled
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 15:50:44 -0500
References: <>

Today, I downloaded John Cardinal's Utility 5. However, when I call in the program and attempt to select the "Copy Custom Sentences" option, the drop down menus for "Copy from Language" and "Copy to Language" each only show 3 languages, English, French and Myenglish.
Another of my alternate languages, Myfrench, is not shown as an option.
Can anyone tell me why?

> Ron,
>Copy Custom Sentences uses the languages found in the tag type sentences. So, if no tag type has a Myfrench sentence, then Myfrench will not appear in the list. Define at least one Myfrench default sentence and that should do it.
> John

Thanks John,
I had not realized that it was not enough to have custom messages in the language in question, but you must actually have changed at least one tag definition to show a custom sentence in that language.
So now I have all my custom sentences taken care of and here is my next (and hopefully my last) problem.

I made up a project, with fictitious names and relationships, to test my language changes. As a result, I have in my language project, two languages, Myenglish and Myfrench with tag sentences changed to reflect what I want for each tag.

What I want to do now is copy these amended tags to Myfrench and Myenglish in my main project.

So I exported the tag sentences out of my language project to a text file, using your EXPORT utility. I thought I would then be able to import these sentences into my main project using your IMPORT utility.
However, when I try that, the options for the Import TO Language do not include my new languages.

When I read the documentation, it definitely says:

Choose the language to modify or create from the Import TO language: pull down list. The languages in the list are the standard TMG languages

So how do I do what I want to do?

Thanks in advance for your help (and your patience)

Ron Emery
Willowdale ON Canada

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