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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Wills or Lack of.
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 17:54:11 -0500
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Wayne Colton wrote:
>Hello Again, I am attempting to enter a record for my ggrandfather who
>died intestate. I do have a copy of the records which is about seven pages
>long and have been thinking of entering all the info as a memo which I
>find easy for me to do. However due to the amount information to enter I'm
>wondering if this is a wise approach to my problem. Your comments are
>appreciated. Wayne Colton

In most cases, I would not recommend the full text of wills or most any
source docuemnt eb entered into a Tag. I recommend that the text be
scanned for anything of particular interest and possibly include that as a
quote. I would enter the full text as an Exhibit either attached to the
Source or to the Tag.

For example, my 3G-GF left his will in which he left his estate to someone
"for their service to me". He stated that he didn't leave anything to his
children as he has already given them enough money to sustain them "if they
took care of it and too much if they didn't".
The quotes are what I included in the Tag along with the appropriate
verbage to make it read well. But the full text of the will was entered as
an Exhibit attached to the Source. Thus if I need to see the text of the
document, it is available for me to view but otherwise out of the way.

In another case, for a three page will with many bequests, I summarized the
bequests. This reduced the information about the will to about four or
five lines. In that case, I attached the Exhibit to the Tag since there
was a possibility that I might want to print it in a report.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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